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Live the marine parks aboard a hired sailboat

Renting a sailing boat from Capo Testa Yachting it is possible to navigate in the marine park of La Maddalena or in the corsican park of Lavezzi and reach the Marine Protected Areas of Tavolara and Asinara.

The National Park of the La Maddalena Archipelago


The National Park of La Maddalena is a protected geomarine area, consisting of a large set of islands in the north-east coast of Gallura, in the sea between Sardinia and Corsica, known as the Strait of Bonifacio, which are, with the exception of the island of Maddalena, being seat of the homonyme city and an important human presence, totally uninhabited while some of them present very small human settlements, such as the islands of Caprera and Santa Maria.
The boundaries of the Park include all islands and islets belonging to the municipality of La Maddalena and the surrounding marine areas.
The Archipelago is part of the European network of natural areas of environmental excellence (Site of Community Interest and a Special Protection Area) for presence of habitats and life forms that seem to have gathered in order to stage a unique spectacle in the world. The La Maddalena Archipelago is made up of a galaxy of islands, islets, reefs and rocks, shaped by the strong Mistral wind and the currents of Le Bocche di Bonifacio.
The coves and bays of the islands give rise to a myriad of natural harbors and mingle with the colors of the sea and the crystal clear waters that have made the Archipelago famous throughout the world, now known not only because of the Ros� Beach of Budelli, which now is under strong constraints that prohibit the access to the beach and the waters in front of the island which is unquestionably one of the flagships of the Archipelago and the Park.
The established measures on the basis of an agreement between the State and the Region of Sardinia provide significant interventions for the enhancement of protection, involving the population and, at the same time, allow the usability of environmental resources, and keep alive cultural history, the customs , civic uses and the way of life of the resident population in the Archipelago, this protected area is the first national park of Sardinia, the only one of all the territories in Italy consisting of a single municipality.

The Marine Protected Area of the Island of Tavolara


Located near the northeast coast of Sardinia, not far as the crow flies from the famous Costa Smeralda, the islands of Tavolara, Molara and Molarotto are the highlights of this marine of rich Mediterranean colours, starting at Capo Ceraso and, with a succession of coves, beaches and headlands, comes up to Capo Coda Cavallo.

The National Park of Asinara


Asinara is an island located in the Sea of ​​Sardinia, Corsica and the Sea of ​​the homonymous gulf, the municipality of Porto Torres in the Province of Sassari.
It has an area of 51sqkm with a surrounding of 110 Km; and there are numerous secondary islands and rocks around it.
The south Island is separated from Step Piana dei Fornelli by a narrow waterway.
Morphologically the north is mountainous with a high and rugged coastline, wile the south has beaches and coves such as cala Arena La Reale, Trabuccato, Punta Sabina and St. Andrea.
access to the island is regulated and protected.
visits are only possible with affiliated operators.

Marine reserve of the Bocche di Bonifacio


Between Corsica and Sardinia peeps this precious corner of the Mediterranean, the island of Lavezzi, also known as the Lavezzi Islands for the presence of massive blocks of granite that dot the landscape inside but also the crystal clear sea, making the territory like a sort of small archipelago. By the time now it is part of the Natural Reserve of Bonifacio. The island is famous for its flora and fauna, both terrestrial and marine, really unique and characteristic. Once on the Island, you can stop and relax in the first beaches that you meet near the landing point, or you can take the flight paths (do not leave the trail) to explore the creeks, of the most picturesque and coves scattered around the rest of the island. Lavezzi is also a paradise for divers, who can admire almost pristine waters - in the case of a protected nature reserve, the life of the seabed is quite lush - and especially the Dusky grouper, gathered in large numbers in a special dry nicknamed Mérouville (the city of groupers).


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