The second largest island in the Mediterranean sea, crystal clear sea, white beaches, and fun guaranteed.

Sardinia is not only sea and wind but also taste with its flavors and events, with its traditional festivals and celebrations, with its millenary history of the Nuraghes. The Capo Testa Yachting chose the names to be given to its boats among those of thousands of nuragic sites scattered throughout Sardinia. Corbos, Seneghe, Loelle Iloi, Cuga, Uraki, Miura and Nuraxi are just some of the most beautiful nuraghes witnesses of the Nuraghic civilization covering a period of time ranging from full Bronze Age (from 1700 BC) to the second century BC

The Sardinian flag - I QUATTRO MORI - dating back to 1379 is one of the oldest flags of the world

An archer of the giants of Mont'e Prama-VIII sec. to. C.

Nuragic Barumini-Su Nuraxi-XIII century. B.C.

Carnival of Mamoiada - the Mamuthones -

Carnival of Oristano, horsemen of Sartiglia

Some wonderful products of the Sardinian land

One of the most famous Sardinian products bottarga

Typical sardinian food - su porceddu

Typical Gallura food - chiusoni - dumplings made from durum wheat semolina

Typical Ogliastra food - i culurgiones - fresh pasta stuffed with pecorino cheese


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Sardinia is not only sea and wind but also taste with its flavors and events, with its traditional festivals and... >>


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