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Information pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 Code on the protection of personal data

Capo Testa Yachting Srl is committed to protecting the privacy of users. For information on the sites and services of Capo Testa Yachting Srl made ​​available to you, please take a look online privacy policy below.

This Privacy Policy of Capo Testa Yachting Srl refers to data collected from Capo Testa Yachting Srl through most of the services and websites and through technical support services on-line and off-line.
(Last update: May 2012)

The site Capo Testa Yachting Srl or Capo Testa Yachting Srl some sites require you to enter personal information such as email address, your name, your home address or place of work and the phone number. You also may collect demographic information about the user, such as: (example only) ZIP code, age, gender, preferences, interests and habits. The completion of a purchase or signing up for a paid service we will ask for additional information such as: (still limited) number of credit card or billing address, used to create a billing account Capo Testa Yachting Srl.
To use certain services Capo Testa Yachting Srl, you must log in using an email address and a password, named: username and password or credentials. The user can use the same credentials to access a variety of sites and services Capo Testa Yachting Srl, as well as those of selected partners from Capo Testa Yachting Srl. By accessing a site or service Capo Testa Yachting Srl, the user can automatically have access to other sites or services Capo Testa Yachting Srl. If you access our services via a mobile phone, you can also use your phone number and a PIN as an alternative credential to your username and password. When creating your credentials, you may be prompted for an alternate e-mail address and provide questions and secret answers, which we use to verify your identity and assist in resetting your password. Some services may require added security, and in these cases, you may be asked to create an additional security key. To your credentials will be finally assigned a unique ID number that will be used to identify your credentials and associated information. We may collect information about your interaction with sites and services Capo Testa Yachting Srl. For example, they can be used on sites Capo Testa Yachting Srl analysis tools for Web sites to retrieve information from your browser, including the site you came from, the search engines and keywords used to find your site Capo Testa Yachting Srl, the pages you view within our site, your browser add-ons and size in width and height of the browser. They can also be use technologies, such as cookies and web beacons (described below) to collect information about the pages you visit, the links activated and other user actions on the sites and services Capo Testa Yachting Srl. We also collect a variety of information that your browser sends to every website you visit, such as IP address, browser type and language, access times and referring Web site addresses. We also deliver advertisements (see below the Display of Advertising section) and made available to analysis tools for web sites and services that are not Capo Testa Yachting Ltd., and may collect information about page views on these third party sites. You can receive newsletters or promotional e-mail from Capo Testa Yachting Srl may use web beacons (described below), customized links or similar technologies to determine whether the e-mail message has been displayed and what the connection was opened, in to provide e-mail communications more responsive to their needs or other information. To allow interaction with Capo Testa Yachting Srl more consistent and personalized experience, the information collected may be combined with information from other services Capo Testa Yachting Srl. It is also possible that the collected information is supplemented by other data from other companies. For example, we may use services from other companies that enable us to determine the geographic location from the IP address the user to customize certain services on the basis of area of ​​residence.

Capo Testa Yachting Srl collects and uses your personal information to ensure the operation and improve its sites and services. The use of data is intended to improve the efficiency of customer service; making the sites or services easier to use by eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information, to conduct research and analysis aimed at improving our products, services and technologies as well as displaying content and advertising that are customized to your interests and preferences. For more information on the use of information for advertising, see the Display of Advertising section below. Personal information is also used for communication with the user. You may send certain mandatory service communications such as welcome letters, billing reminders, information on technical service issues, and security announcements. Some services Capo Testa Yachting Srl, may send periodic member letters that are considered part of the service. Will be sent periodically product surveys or promotional mailings to inform the public of other products or services available from Capo Testa Yachting Srl and its affiliates or partners. The personal information collected on our websites and services Capo Testa Yachting Srl will be stored and processed in Italy or any other country where Capo Testa Yachting Srl or its affiliates, its subsidiaries or its agents maintain facilities.

Except as described in this statement, personal information will never be disclosed outside of Capo Testa Yachting Ltd. and its subsidiaries and affiliates without the prior consent of the user. Some sites Capo Testa Yachting Srl allow the user to share personal information with partners Capo Testa Yachting Srl selected so that they can contact you about their products, services or offers. Other sites do not share contact information with third parties for marketing purposes, but you can choose to receive communications from Capo Testa Yachting Srl on behalf of external business partners regarding particular offering (without transferring your personal information to the third party ). For more information, see the Communication Preferences section below. It is possible that some services Capo Testa Yachting Srl are to be co-branded and offered in conjunction with another company. The registration of such services and their use may involve the transmission of information in both companies. We occasionally hire other companies to provide limited services on behalf of Capo Testa Yachting Srl, such as those relating to the management, processing and delivery of mailings, providing customer support, hosting websites, processing transactions, or to conduct statistical analysis of our services. In such service providers be permitted to obtain only the information they need to deliver the service. It is also required that you maintain the confidentiality of the information received and that these are not used for other purposes. However, for the processing of credit cards or the unmasking of fraud, vendors may use aggregate data in order to improve the service. This enables them to reveal more accurately detect fraudulent uses of credit cards. Capo Testa Yachting Srl may access or disclose information about you, including the content of communications, for the following purposes: (a) comply with the law or respond to lawful requests or legal process, (b) protect the rights or property of Capo Testa Yachting Srl or its customers, including the enforcement of our agreements or policies governing your use of the Service, (c) act on a good faith belief that such access or disclosure is necessary to protect the safety staff of employees and customers Capo Testa Yachting Srl, or the public.

You can request a viewing or editing your data, directly to Capo Testa Yachting Srl or in specific cases directly online. To prevent personal information from being viewed by others, you will log in with your credentials (e-mail address and password). The method or methods appropriate to access personal information will depend on which sites or services you use. You can write to Capo Testa Yachting Srl Via the Web or by using the procedures described in the section Contact Information. You will receive response to the request within 30 days.

You can choose to stop receiving promotional e-mails from a site or service Capo Testa Yachting Srl following the instructions contained in the received messages. You can also proactively decide on the receiving e-mail, phone calls and postal mail promotional material from certain sites or services Capo Testa Yachting Srl visiting and accessing services. These choices do not apply to the display of online advertisements, nor relate to the receipt of mandatory service communications that are considered part of certain services Capo Testa Yachting Srl and will be sent periodically unless you cancel the service.

Many of the websites and online services offered by Capo Testa Yachting Ltd. and / or its partners, are supported by advertising. Through advertising platform Capo Testa Yachting Srl, we may display ads on the websites of Capo Testa Yachting Srl and its advertising partners. When we display online advertisements to you, in some cases, the computer will place a persistent cookie to recognize your computer each time we display an advertisement. Since it may serve advertisements on many different Web sites, you can collect information over time about sites where you, or others who are using your computer, saw and / or clicked on the advertisements we Capo Testa Yachting Srl. This information is used to make predictions about your characteristics, interests and preferences and to display targeted advertising of interest to the user. This information is also associated with subsequent visit, purchase or other activity on participating advertisers' websites in order to determine the effectiveness of the advertisements. Although some of the information collected can be used to personalize the ads we show you, Capo Testa Yachting Srl systems have been designed to select ads based only on data that does not identify you personally and directly. For example, you may select the ads we display according to certain general interest categories or segments derived from: (a) demographic or interest data, including any data that may be provided by the user when creating an account (eg, age, zip code or gender), demographic or interest data acquired from other companies, and a general geographic location derived from your IP address, (b) the pages you view and links you click when using Web sites and services of Cape Head Yachting Srl and its advertising partners, (c) the search terms you enter when using the services of search of Capo Testa Yachting Srl. In the display personalized ads, the protection of user privacy is ensured in different ways. The visits to the pages, the links you click and search terms used for ad personalization for example, are stored separately from your contact information or other data that directly identifies you (name, e-mail address, etc.). Further, we have built in technological and process safeguards designed to prevent the unauthorized correlation of this data. The user also has the right to terminate the personalized ads. Although the majority of the online advertisements on sites Capo Testa Yachting Srl are published from Capo Testa Yachting Srl, you also authorize serving companies, including third party ad networks, to display advertisements on our sites Capo Testa Yachting Srl. These companies may offer users ways of cancellation of targeting advertising based on cookies. To get more information about them, refer to third-party companies and follow the links to individual Web sites

Capo Testa Yachting Srl is committed to protecting the security of users' personal information. To protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure are employed various technologies and security procedures. For example, the personal information you provide on computer systems with limited access, located in controlled facilities. The transmission of highly confidential information (such as your password or credit card number) over the Internet is protected by encryption, such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The password used to protect your accounts and personal information must be kept carefully by the user in order to ensure its secrecy. Do not share this information with anyone. If you are sharing a computer with anyone you should always log out before leaving a site or service to protect access to information from the users who will be using the machine later.

Many sites and services Capo Testa Yachting Srl are designed for a general audience and do not knowingly collect any personal information from minors. You may want to talk to their children about communicating with strangers and disclosing their information online.

According to the Code on the protection of personal data, article 4, are considered "sensitive data" and consequently their collection and treatment are those individuals and to the consent of both the prior authorization of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data all those data suitable to detect: the racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union, the state of health and sex life. Capo Testa Yachting Srl is not and does not knowingly collect sensitive data, all websites and services Capo Testa Yachting Srl are designed for the general public, then it is recommended that the maximum attention from users on not providing character data sensitive. Please note therefore that all communications containing sensitive character data will be deleted.

Web sites Capo Testa Yachting Srl may use "cookies" to allow access to the services and customize the interaction with users. A cookie is a text file that is placed on your hard disk size of the computer by the Web server Cookies contain information that can later be read by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. You can not use cookies to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. One of the main functions of cookies is to store user preferences and other information about your computer to save time and eliminate the need to repeatedly enter the same information and to display customized content and advertising during visits to the sites. The Web sites of Capo Testa Yachting Srl use cookies as described in sections Collection of Personal Information and Display of Advertising sections of this privacy policy.

It is possible that the web pages Capo Testa Yachting Srl contain digital images known as Web beacons (sometimes called single-pixel gifs) that contribute to sending cookies and to provide co-branded services, allow us to count users who have visited certain pages. We may include Web beacons in promotional e-mail messages and newsletters in order to confirm the opening and use of the message. Capo Testa Yachting Srl may use Web beacons from third parties to help us compile aggregated statistics about the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns or other operations of our sites. The use of Web beacons from third parties to collect or access your personal information is prohibited. Finally, it is possible that Capo Testa Yachting Srl work with companies that have their products advertised on sites owned or associated with Capo Testa Yachting Srl to place Web beacons on their websites, in order to enable the development of statistics to determine how many access to the advertising contained in a site Capo Testa Yachting Srl have given rise to a purchase or other action on the advertiser's site.

Capo Testa Yachting Srl is very attentive to the problem of controlling the junk e-mail or "spam." Capo Testa Yachting Srl applies strict criteria for the protection of spam that prohibit the use of accounts provided by Capo Testa Yachting Srl to send spam. Capo Testa Yachting Srl does not sell, rent or lease its customer lists to third parties e-mail users. Despite Capo Testa Yachting Srl is committed in enhancing and implementing new anti-spam technologies, there is currently no technology that will totally prevent the sending and receiving junk mail. The use of anti-spam tools and being cautious about the sharing of online e-mail help reduce the amount of spam you receive.

This information will be occasionally updated to reflect changes to services as well as customer feedback and any changes to the current legal requirements. In the event of changes to this policy, we will revise the last updated date at the top of the document. In case of substantial changes to this statement or in the event Capo Testa Yachting Srl decides to change the mode of use of personal information, such changes will be posted in a visible manner before their actual entry into force or notified directly to the user by means of this page Web We recommend you to periodically review this statement to be informed of how to protect information taken from Capo Testa Yachting Srl.

You have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form. You have the right to obtain the indication: the origin of the personal data of the purposes and methods of processing the logic applied in case of processing carried out with the aid of electronic instruments; the identification details of the owner, manager and the representative appointed under article 5, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 196/03 of the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who can learn about them as appointed representative in the State, managers or agents. The interested party has the right to obtain pursuant to art. 7 D. Decree 196/03: the updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data erasure, transformation in anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data which need not be to be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; certification that the operations in letters a) and b) of art. 7, have been brought to the attention, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement proves impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right . The interested party has the right to object, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data, pertinent for collection purposes, the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

Capo Testa Yachting Srl holder of personal data is welcomes your comments regarding this privacy statement. In case you have questions about this statement or believe that we have not been complied with, or in cases where var will retaliate its rights, you may contact Capo Testa Yachting Srl via the web form or via e-mail ordinary writing to:
   Capo Testa Yachting Srl
   The Temple Square, 7
   07028 Santa Teresa di Gallura
   Olbia Tempio - Italy
   the AC Resp Management Policy


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